Everybody who walks through our door has something to teach and something to learn.  K2 Physical Therapy was established by four Physical Therapists and the spirit of mentorship.  The clinical understanding embraces the idea that clients, patients and team members should be stimulated to learn and engage a deeper potential on a daily basis.

The founding families of K2 include:

Gage and Laurie Banks (husband and wife, parents of 4, and Physical Therapists)

and Sam and Jodi Kabat (husband and wife, parents of 4, and Physical Therapists)

Both families agreed to bring their careers and families of 6 to the Central Coast to establish a location of healing, growth, mentorship and learning.  This team is bigger than any one person and introduces motivated clinicians to a patient population in need of something different.

All who come into our clinic are expected to take our “E3” challenge:

E: “Embrace a Pivotal Moment”
E: “Engage Your Greater Potential”
E: “Enhance the World”

Leadership, clinicians, team members, and patients all share in this challenge.

Under the guidance, faculty, and resources of the sister company, “Kinect”,  K2 Physical Therapy was set up to allow patients to access exceptional care of motivated Therapists while potentially using resources and strategies to assist in covering a portion of their care.


Let your experience
encourage you to:

1) Embrace a pivotal moment
2) Engage your potential
3) Enhance the world

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