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Samuel Kabat MPT, CSCS, Clinical Director, Co-Owner

As a Physical Therapist, Sam enjoys providing his patients with comprehensive care, encompassing education, hands on treatment, exercise progression, and a priority on returning to independence. Sam's treatment protocols stem from a combination of his advancing experience both as a physical therapist and an NCAA trusted strength and conditioning specialist. In addition, he has a well established log of numerous continuing education classes, seeks PT related research updates, and invites open communication with colleagues. Sam has taken part in extensive research and continuing education related to myofascial release techniques, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), bodymechanics / motion analysis, orthopedic rehab, foot / gait treatment, neck and back injury recovery, balance / fall prevention, Vestibular rehab, scientific exercise progression, advanced sport related strength and conditioning.

As both teaching and learning is of continued importance, Sam encourages an open door of communication with patients, colleagues, doctors, and other health care affiliates. Sam has been invited on multiple occasions to speak at local high schools educating Sports Medicine students on the Post injury rehab and the general PT profession. Sam is a chosen and trusted Clinical Instructor for Ohlone College's PTA students seeking internship prior to graduating and receiving status from the State of California as a Licensed Professional Physical Therapy Assistant.

As an NCAA strength and conditioning coach, while living in Fresno, Sam took responsibility for advancing strength and conditioning programs focused on improving athletic performance of various sports at California State University of Fresno. Specific categories of significant experience include Varsity level powerlifting (Olympic and non-olympic styles), football, baseball, volleyball, golf, tennis, track & field, basketball, soccer, and wrestling.

Aside from practicing physical therapy, Sam finds life's satisfaction in spending quality time with his family (Wife Jodi, and three children), walking a specific path with God, powerlifting, backpacking in the wilderness, and a round of golf if time permits...

Jodi Kabat MPT, Front Office Director, Co-Owner

As a Physical Therapist and clinical co-owner, Jodi enjoys creating a team that helps people restore their optimal function. Jodi provides her patients with a level of care that patients revere as "genuinely compassionate". At times the injured body is tender to touch and patients lack the motivation to engage in necessary exercise. Jodi is known to establish a valuable level of trust with patients, which allows her to be more productive with the necessary hands on and exercise routines. As patient's quality of life improves, so does Jodi's career satisfaction.

Jodi graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from California State University, Fresno. In 2002, Jodi co-authored a research project focusing on Exercise for Women with Disabilities which won an esteemed California Physical Therapy Association award and recognition.

Prior to practicing in the East Bay area, Jodi was a trusted Pediatric Physical Therapist in the Kings County Unified School District for two years. She was able to work with a diverse population of pediatric injuries and physical disabilities. A profound satisfaction lies in the thought that Patients and parents can walk away with refreshed confidence that a child's quality of life can improve. In addition to general outpatient and orthopedic Physical Therapy, Jodi's treatment specialties include Aquatic Therapy.

When not providing Physical Therapy or ensuring that the clinic is running smoothly, Jodi finds personal enjoyment in Scrapbooking, traveling to beach destinations, studying the weather and marine life, spin class at the gym, and spending quality time with her Family (Husband Sam and three children).

Heather Taylor MPT

As a Physical Therapist and member of the professional team at Kabat and Associates Physical Therapy since 2007, Heather takes great joy in improving the daily life of many patients.

Heather graduated in 2002 with distinction from CSU Fresno's graduate Physical Therapy program. Her research was in ergonomics in the industrial workplace, with particular emphasis on education and altering the physical workplace to mitigate risk of injury including repetitive strain. Her undergraduate education began at UC Santa Barbara and ended at CSU Fresno with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology, as she followed her interest in Physical Therapy to a school where she could meet her goal of becoming a Physical Therapist.

Heather's philosophy of care includes evaluating and treating the patient as a whole, not just the injured region of the body. This requires considering general fitness, wellness, re-injury prevention, and helping patients' develop a positive ownership in their recovery. Heather is an advocate of good communication amongst healthcare professionals and believes that patients benefit from an integrated approach amongst the healthcare team.

Heather is experienced in rural small-town clinics, large urban hospital settings and has had the opportunity to experience practice ownership. She is now committed to helping Kabat and Associates grow and thrive while working part-time and balancing the needs of her family. She serves as a liaison for the practice's medical community and is also the marketing coordinator. Heather's skills are well-suited to an outpatient orthopaedic setting where her patients benefit from her manual techniques, practical approach to exercise, and encouragement to reach their personal goals through a tailored plan of care.

Her particular areas of interest for further study include functional orthopaedics, women's health, and ergonomics. She personally enjoys investing in her family and making her children smile with the help of her husband, watching medical TV dramas, staying active through regular exercise, and good food.

Jim Aul PTA

As our newest member to the professional team, Jim has been received by both the staff and patients as a valuable asset to the rehab process.

After nearly 25 years as a cook, chef and restauranteur (restaurant owner), Jim was looking for a more rewarding direction in life. Physical Therapy quickly rose to the top of the list since Jim had always been interested in physical fitness and how the human body works.

Jim graduated from the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Ohlone College in Fremont in May 2009. During previous clinical rotations / experience, Jim has had the opportunity to successfully help patients with orthopedic issues including sports injuries, overuse issues to joint replacements. In addition, at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center's Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Center, (a nationally recognized leader in Spinal Cord rehab), Jim fine tuned his neurological skills while dealing with advanced issues and solutions related to spinal cord injuries.

Jim has independently pursued additional continuing education as a means to always improve his clinical approach. He has more recently engaged in multiple classes / programs with the Institute of Manual Therapy. This program is acknowledged as teaching advanced PT treatment skills encompassing identification of movement dysfunction, hands on care, multi level myofascial release, and functional movement re-education.

Jim finds great satisfaction in helping people return to an active and pain-free quality of life. Jim's hobbies include hiking, camping, fishing, bicycling and, of course, cooking. His wife, Rose and their son Grady enrich his home life.

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